Dynacom Tankers Management

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Safety and Quality
At the forefront of everything we do

Long Term Goals

ZERO level of incidents (human – property)
ZERO tolerance to security incidents
ZERO tolerance to spill, pollution (air-water-land-noise)
ZERO flag and port stat negative observations and/or external non-conformities
ZERO customer complaints
FLAWLESS OPERATION at stage of excellence

Dynacom T.M. Ltd. prides itself on a corporate culture focused on safety and incident-free operations. The company is responsible for providing its employees with a working environment that is safe and healthy. In parallel, each member of the company is individually responsible for working in a safe and healthy manner as well.

Safety procedures must always be followed, and the company’s formal risk assessment mechanism aims at decreasing the probability of mishaps, mishandlings and errors.

A job is considered well done only if it is safely done, and no business objective is so important that it requires the sacrifice of the company’s safety standards.