The Goal

DTM anticipates that the continuous upgrading and expansion of its tanker fleet will continue to be a key component of its strategy. By achieving its growth objectives, DTM can achieve high utilization rates and economies of scale.
DTM’s goal is to be the transporter of choice through first-class service and by anticipating customer needs. DTM’s business strategy is to continue to emphasize the operational safety and quality maintenance for all of its vessels while complying with all current and proposed environmental regulations. DTM intends to identify expansion opportunities in new market segments, geographic areas and services to which the company’s competitive strengths are well-suited through internal growth, joint ventures or acquisitions.

DTM recognizes that oil companies and other charterers will be looking to professionally managed and well-capitalised companies as their preferred carrier of choice. In this respect, DTM is committed to providing quality transportation services to all of our customers and to developing and maintaining long-term relationships with the major charterers of tankers.