Training and Communication

Training and Communication


Training has been identified as the most important factor to promote excellence, professionalism, safe work culture, procedures and operations.

We recruit our staff through fair and transparent processes based on relevant qualifications and potential, without prejudice or preference toward their race or gender. We motivate and reward our staff to perform to their full potential. We also seek to cultivate in our employees a sense of pride and identity with the company.

All crew receive specific training in handling oil cargoes, on the safety systems and in firefighting, as well as contingencies related to the vessels and cargo, in addition to other general safety training.

It is DTM’s policy for officers and crew members to undergo intensive training programmes ashore and onboard the vessels. Ashore, officers attend courses on Tanker Safety, Bridge Resource Management, Liquid Cargo Handling Simulator, Human Relations, OPA 90, ISM familiarization, Tanker Vetting Inspections, Quality and Safety Management and many other areas.  DTM has created an in-house training center in Mumbai where officers undergo the BTM course with a state-of-the-art simulator. On board vessels, training by company superintendents is carried out with the assistance of the Quality and Safety departments, and computer-based training courses are conducted daily on safety and operation matters.

Senior officers and staff members instill in our crew the importance of communication, teamwork and unity. Harmony between ship and shore, as well as cultural sensitivity and commitment to diversity, is the foundation for building long-lasting relationships within the Dynacom family.